Will my insurance pay for acupuncture?

Yes, in some cases. Worker's Compensation will pay for 12 visits. More insurance companies are seeing the value of this service. It's best to call your insurance before your visit to see if it's a covered benefit.

Do I have to have a referral from my PCP?

We prefer that you have a referral, but it's not always necessary.

Will opioids be prescribed?

No, certainly not on the first visit and probably not for the first 6 months. Dr. Price will initiate a treatment plan that will help you be independent and manage the pain in alternative ways. She may recommend non-narcotic medications or integrative therapies with nutrition and vitamins.

What insurance plans does Dr. Price accept?

Most all are accepted. We are providers for Rocky Mountain HMO, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, United Health Care, and all Colorado Worker's Compensation programs.

What's an EMG?

Electromyography is a way to tell if something is wrong with your nerves. Nerves are like electrical wires with insulation called myelin. The nerve conduction studies can tell if there's a problem with the transmission of electricity.

When is EMG used?

Dr. Price uses it to determine if you have carpal tunnel syndrome or other nerve problems in your hands and feet. She can also tell if your leg pain is related to a herniated disc in your back or if there is an impingement of your nerve in your arm or leg.